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Santa and Reindeer Candle Set

Santa and Reindeer Candle Set Rekindle the Glow from Holidays Gone By

Santa and Reindeer Candle Set

Santa and Reindeer Candle Set Rekindle the Glow from Holidays Gone By

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Give the gift of childhood memories to yourself and those on your gift list-or start new memories for your family-with these classic Santa and reindeer candles. Made using the original molds from the 1950s, they're just like the ones your mom or grandmom would put on display during the holidays. Santa sits perched atop a package in his sleigh while the four reindeer are poised to take flight.

  • Just like the ones you had growing up
  • Santa is 3 ½" tall; the four reindeer 2 ¾" tall

We recommend buying many sets: to give, to burn, and to cherish.

Santa and Reindeer Candle Set

Safety Warnings

Do not leave burning candles unattended. Keep out of reachof small children. Drafts will cause the candles to burn unevenly and may cause drips.


Paraffin wax.

Sizing & Specifications

Assembly Required: N

Cord Polarized: N


Manufactured In: China

Material - Country Of Origin: China

This product is currently not available.

What Our Customers Are Saying about Our Santa and Reindeer Candle Set …

"I remember these from when I was a child, in my grandmother's house and my mother's house, along with the carolers. They are a wonderful childhood memories. I have been delaying getting a set for me, but no longer. I can't wait to get them." - Felicia Santaniello, Freehold, NJ

"We had these candles when I was a little girl, but somehow we acquired a white sparkly sleigh for the Santa candle to stand in. It was my "job" to put Santa in the sleigh, and pin (with teeny little pins) ribbon reins from his hands to all the reindeers. It always sat on top of the upright piano. My recollection is that we never did burn them. I suppose they disappeared during some move that was made. I still treasure the memory of them." - Karen Seely, Frazier Park, CA

"I saw the carolers a few years ago, and this year decided I must have then. They are the same candles that my grandmother had in her home many years ago. She also had large choirboys. These are a treasured memory and will not be lit but kept in a special spot for many Christmases to come." - christine jones, miller place, ny, NY

"I have to buy these out of guilt! I was the youngest child in our family, and one Christmas when I was pretty little I nibbled on each and every reindeer. My wonderful mother never asked who ate the deer (she knew) and she never accused. What a true Christmas spirit! Now I have the chance to give her "uneaten" ones and confess my (little girl) guilt. Thanks for making me laugh all over again." - Suzanne, Dillon, CO

"I was instantly transformed to a young child again in my grandmother's house with all the special smells from her kitchen and the decorations I thought were the most beautiful things I had ever seen. I was allowed to play with these and enjoyed countless hours playing with Santa and the reindeer. Thanks so much for re-creating these wonderful candles, and my memories. They are beautiful and just as I remember." - Rita Lenihan Battey, Greenville, RI