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100% Pure Vermont Grade A Maple Syrup

Quite Simply, The World's Best

100% Pure Vermont Grade A Maple Syrup

Quite Simply, The World's Best

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Our medium amber grade A maple syrup is certified the best Vermont has to offer, and Vermont has grading standards stricter than any other state's. It is made from the second run of the spring season and makes up the bulk of production. It's our recommendation for everyday use. Pour Vermont maple syrup over pancakes, waffles, French toast, ice cream, or use your imagination to add a touch of maple to almost anything. Grade A maple syrup is available in pint and quart plastic jugs.

  • Medium amber grade A maple syrup
  • Vermont maple syrup is 100% pure with no additives or fillers
  • Vermont's maple syrup grading standards are stricter than any other state's
  • Grade A maple syrup goes great over waffles, French toast, ice cream, and more
  • Available in 2 sizes

Discover the flavor of Vermont even if you can't visit our Green Mountain State. The Vermont Country store will deliver directly to your door. One taste of our 100% pure Vermont maple syrup and no other will ever do.

100% Pure Vermont Grade A Maple Syrup


100% Pure Vermont maple syrup


Shelf Life: 2 Year

Nutritional ItemQuantity% of Daily
Serving size: 4 Tbsp
Calories per serving:200
Calories from fat: 00%
Total fat0g0%
Trans fat0g
Total Carbohydrates53g18%
Vitamin A0%
Vitamin C0%
Based on 2000 calorie diet

Manufactured In: USA - Vermont

Material - Country Of Origin: USA

100% Pure Vermont Grade A Maple Syrup 5 5 66 69
Delicious to the extreme I ordered the Grade A Maple Syrup to taste what the best is like. I have had Grade B before so I wondered if there was a difference. There is but it seems small. The taste of this syrup is sweeter and the consistency is a bit thinner. Both are very tasty but I like the Grade A for easier pour and easier absorbtion by my waffles. It is delicious and as pancakes and waffles are a rare treat in our house, this tasty, natural syrup is worth the slightly higher cost. I will certainly buy it again and recommend it as a naturally sweet treat. Love it! March 5, 2013
Nature At Its Best! This Vermont Maple Syrup can't be beat. It's all natural and the taste is superb! You won't go wrong with this purchase. December 3, 2014
THE BEST THERE IS I love Vermont Maple Syrup...I lived in Vermont and made maple syrup using the buckets and spouts...had to gather it every morning...loved making it using the wood fired boiler...the best to get is the Medium Amber...that goes great with everything...miss it since I have moved to SC and am going to order more when I get a chance... September 3, 2014
The Best Maple Syrup Ever!! Looked around for Maple Syrup finally found Vermont Grade A Pure Maple Syrup. Been using for 20 years now. It is not sicky sweet like most and goes quite well with everything. It has no additivies. It is pure. Flavored cake frosting and cookies with it. Our favorite use in the winter is on pancakes and french toast. In the summer for brunch or dinner a scoop of vanilla ice cream on a waffle topped with maple syrup and chopped nuts (usually walnuts) is a loved treat. As well as just using it as a topping on ice cream. April 18, 2014
There is nothing like the real thing I was born in raised in Massachusetts and moved to Denver, CO in 1978 and so missed having real Vermont maple syrup to enjoy with my morning pancakes and waffles. Now that I found The Vermont Country Store it is a great welcome that I can again enjoy the foods that I had as a kid and to recommend your business to all of my friends and co-workers. April 7, 2014
I could not imagine using fake maple syrup I use this on French toast and I make homemade granola and this is all I use to sweeten it and it comes out great everytime March 28, 2014
Maple syrup at it's finest! Once you have tried this. We can never go back to that sugary syrup at the Market. January 28, 2014
Good Good, but very sweet. January 14, 2014
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What Our Customers Are Saying about Our 100% Pure Vermont Grade A Maple Syrup …

"My husband has never liked any syrup except cane syrup. Recently, we ran out of cane syrup and he had to use some of "my" syrup. I told him I thought he didn't like maple syrup, but he replied that he didn't until he tasted this one. Now, we never buy cane syrup any more!" - Juanda Levert, Greenwell Springs, LA

"My husband and I received a small pint of Vermont maple syrup as a gift from one of our suppliers. My husband is a huge fan of my homemade buttermilk pancakes and loved spreading the syrup all over them. We ran out and could not find out how to get any more. First of all we couldn't remember which vendor gave it to us, and second of all there was not any information on the plastic jug. It just said "Vermont Maple Syrup," no address or anything. Since we ran out I have bought other maple syrups, but my husband just has not liked anything since he tried yours. We are sold on your product. Thank you," - Juanda Levert, Greenwell Springs, LA

"I clean condos and my friends from Vermont bring me a quart of Vermont maple syrup every December when they return for the winter. I look forward to their return, and especially their gift of the delicious syrup. They always remember me and say, 'Here's your jug of liquid gold.' " - Donna Canalou

"Your operator, when I first called many years ago, swore by your syrup being the best. So I tried it and I definitely agree it is the best. I have given some little containers as gifts to my friends to try, and now they also are hooked on the best. Unless you have tried Vermont's maple syrup I guess you really don't know what's the best. We no longer are satisfied with the regular syrups from our market. My neighbor's daughter just asked her, 'Where is the special maple syrup that Pat gave us? I don't like this one anymore.' It's so funny...Another one hooked on Vermont's Maple Syrup." - Patsy Petersen, Mililani, HI

"Your maple syrup is the best -- I have been ordering it for decades. Why do you no longer sell half-gallon metal or plastic containers? Freight on two quarts is very high for a constant user. Just a point -- I will always enjoy your products. From a transplanted Connecticut-ite!" - Donald Schuster, Dallas, TX

"Why would anyone use anything but maple syrup for any recipe that requests syrup? It is the real thing--not made by man. It comes from real trees in Vermont, and other lesser known regions like NY State & Canada, too. Vermont is the best for most everything."- Christina Allen, Centennial, CO