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Cheddar Cheese

Our Genuine Vermont Cheddar: Field-Fed Cows and Passionate Cheesemakers Guarantee Its Rich Taste

Cheddar Cheese

Our Genuine Vermont Cheddar: Field-Fed Cows and Passionate Cheesemakers Guarantee Its Rich Taste

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Made by hand in small batches, our Vermont Cheddar owes its full mellow flavor to patient aging, attention to detail, and the fresh milk of Jersey cows raised without hormones or antibiotics on small Vermont family farms. Jerseys produce rich, creamy milk with notably higher percentages of butterfat, calcium, and protein, yet the milk’s naturally low in lactose. It’s a difference that comes through in every bite of our savory Cheddar. 1 lb.

  • Cheddar cheese made with the fresh milk of Jersey cows raised on Vermont family farms
  • Made by hand in small batches here in the Green Mountains
  • Sharp 1 Year, Extra-Sharp 2 Year, Blue Ribbon 3 Year, Reserve 4 Year, Reserve 5 Year
  • Smoked Maple smoked over real smoldering maplewood chips

Discover our world-class Vermont Cheddar even if you can’t visit our Green Mountain State. The Vermont Country Store will deliver directly to your door. Our Vermont Cheddar Cheese, made by hand in small batches, uses only the freshest and purest ingredients.

Cheddar Cheese

Safety Warnings

Allergen Alert: Product contains Milk.


This is not a Kosher Product.
1YR-5YR and Smoked Maple Cheeses:
Aged Vermont Cheddar Cheese made from cultured whole milk with enzymes and
salt added-no preservatives are used

Smoked Horseradish:
Aged Cabot Cheddar Cheese(pasturized milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes),
Sodium Citrate (an emulsifier), salt, Natural and artificial horseradish flavor.


Shelf Life: 8 months

Nutritional ItemQuantity% of Daily
1yr-5yr Cheeses and Smoked Maple Flavor:
Serving Size: 1oz
Calories from Fat:100
Total Fat:11g17%
Saturated Fat:6g30%
Trans Fat:0g0%
Total Carbohydrates:1g0%
Dietary Fiber:0g0%
Vitamin A:5%
Vitamin C:0%
Smoked Horseradish:
Serving Size: 1oz
Calories from Fat:60
Total Fat:9g14%
Saturated Fat:5g25%
Polyunsaturated Fat:0g
Trans Fat:0g
Total Carbohydrates:<1g
Dietary Fiber:0g
Vitamin A:4%
Vitamin C:0%
5 yr
Serving size 1 oz:
Calories fron Fat:120
Total Fat:11g17%
Saturated Fat:6g30%
Trans Fat0g0%
Total Carbohydrates0%
Dietary Fiber0g0%
Vitamin A:6%
Vitamin C:0%
Percentages are based on a 2000 calorie diet

Manufactured In: USA

Material - Country Of Origin: USA

Cheddar Cheese 4.8 5 29 29
Excellent Cheddar I purchased the 2-year aged cheddar. Although not inexpensive, it's of the highest quality so it was definitely worth the price. It was smooth, creamy and delicious, but also crumbled easily, just as I would expect from an artisan, gourmet sharp cheese. A little goes a long way here ... no cracker needed with this great cheese. Very tasty cheddar from one of my favorite online stores - can't wait until the fall so that I can order some more! June 20, 2013
Okay, But Nothing Special Relative To The High Price! I ordered 3 or 4 of these 1lb cheese blocks (w/varying ages), and have just tried one of them - the 3 year aged block I believe. It's okay with respect to taste, but it crumbles quite a bit when slicing, thus making a mess. This might be characteristic to a degree with white aged cheddar, dryness, etc, but I know not all white cheeses crumble like this one. I guess I just prefer a cheese that is not as crumbly (if that is a word), regardless of whether its a white cheese or more the variety of a typical yellow/orange cheddar. Can find just as good a tasting cheese in the local grocery store at a lot cheaper price! December 10, 2014
Charming Cheddar Vermont cheddar is especially good and, depending on age selected can meet your particular appetite. Creamy mild to get your attention sharp it's all good. Tell Canadian Black Diamond to step aside. November 26, 2014
Delicious and flavor rich cheese I bought the Vermont Cheddar for my husband who is an avid consumer of cheddar cheeses and was anxious to see if he liked it. He sure did and said the cheddar had a full, rich-bodied taste and not at all like the packaged variety found in most grocery stores. He took some to share with his card playing buddies who all liked the appealing and tasty flavor. May 23, 2014
Sharp and mellow cheese We liked it, so we included it in our birthday package to our son. April 7, 2014
Excellent Cheddar I tried both the 2-year and 3-year aged cheese and found them both delicious. Obviously the older cheese was even more flavorful. Will definitely order again. I think a mixture of the two would make a superior macaroni and cheese. My mom always told us to use more than one type of cheese when preparing grilled cheese sandwiches, macaroni and cheese etc - and over the years she's been proven right about that many times. April 1, 2014
Truly Outstanding Cheese I've been something of a cheddar cheese fanatic all my life -- and I've travelled extensively all my life, sampling cheeses in every location I've visited. This cheese ranks at or near the top of all those hundreds I've tried. I'll be ordering more, of that there's no doubt. March 6, 2014
4 year aged cheddar I ordered a couple different cheeses, including the 4 year aged cheddar, which is fabulous. Just received another 3 pound order yesterday....Absolutely fabulous cheese. January 31, 2014
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