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Garibaldi Biscuits (Set of 6 Pkgs.)

Longing for Those Forgotten Raisin Biscuits? Then You'll Love These Garibaldi Biscuit Bars

Garibaldi Biscuits (Set of 6 Pkgs.)

Longing for Those Forgotten Raisin Biscuits? Then You'll Love These Garibaldi Biscuit Bars

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Suggested by Charlotte Dey, Princeton, NJ

Some people knew them as Garibaldis, others simply as raisin biscuits, but whatever you called these long, flat cookie bars, they surely have been missed since they disappeared from supermarket shelves. Crisp in texture, each semisweet biscuit has a hefty helping of dried currants baked right in, which adds that familiar fruity tartness to every bite. And since a single biscuit measures about 7 1/4"x 2 3/4", it's perforated so you can divide it into five easy-to-eat sections. Garibaldi biscuits are the perfect complement to tea, coffee, or ice-cold milk. Each 3.5 oz. package contains 2 long Garibaldi biscuits.

  • Garibaldi biscuits are no longer available in supermarkets
  • Each 7¼"x2¾" biscuit is perforated so you can divide it into five easy-to-eat sections
  • Each 3.5 oz. packages contain two Garibaldi biscuits

Find old-fashioned treats that are still as tasty and wholesome as always at The Vermont Country Store. Garibaldi Biscuits are a perfect complement to tea, coffee, or ice-cold milk.

Garibaldi Biscuits (Set of 6 Pkgs.)

Safety Warnings

Warning: Potential allergen : Product contains Milk & Gluten. Produced on a line handling Nuts, Soy.


Product is not Kosher.
Currants (40%), Wheat flour, Vegetable oil, Wheat starch,
Sugar, Glucose syrup, Dried Skimmed Milk, Dextrose
monohydrate, Lactose, Raising agents (sodium bicarbonate
and ammonium bicarbonate), Salt.


Shelf Life: 6 months

Nutritional ItemQuantity% of Daily
UK Format
Serving Size: 1 Biscuit (10g)
Servings per container: 10
Energy: 174 kj (41 calories)
Protien0.5 g
Carbohydrates7.4 g
Sugars3.4 g
Fat1.1 g
Saturated Fat0.5 g
Trans Fat0 g
Fiber0.3 g

Manufactured In: United Kingdom

Material - Country Of Origin: United Kingdom

Garibaldi Biscuits (Set of 6 Pkgs.) 4.6 5 70 70
Better than a cookie! I am not a cookie person, too sweet and fatty tasting. My mom got me hooked on Sunshine Raisin Biscuits when we were kids so when Sunshine stopped making them I was bummed. When I found the Garibaldi's at Vermont County Store I was so happy to again have what I always crave when I want a cookie. They are so yummy! February 19, 2013
Delicious Biscuits! So glad to receive these Garibaldi Biscuits. Share them with friends and family. Wish they were available in local stores. Delicious but very expensive especially with shipping. February 6, 2013
Expectations........... Good product, worth the $$ February 6, 2013
Good Food Hard to come by I missed the Raisin Biscuits since they have all but disappeared from store shelves. Finding these gems was great. Even though I thought the price a little high, I bought them and will be buying more of them. They are going to be a staple in my house. January 28, 2013
Great Taste & Memories Of the Sunshine Raisin Biscuits from my youth. Thanks for carrying them! January 25, 2013
Garibaldi Biscuits My mom used to buy these biscuits for many years in the super markets. Over the years, they seemed to vanish from the market shelves and could not locate them anywhere. I suddenly found out about the Vermont Country Store and was really surprised to see them there. I sent in my order and within a few days received these delicious cookies. I am getting ready to order some more. Thanks! January 24, 2013
Old memories I was so excited when I discovered these for sale in your catalog! When I was a kid my mom would buy them at our local grocer. She and my dad would enjoy them with a very cold glass of milk. My mom said the milk had to be very cold to make the experience more enjoyable. Sadly, one day these biscuits just vanished off the shelves. Years went by, then mom passed away. Thus, the reason for my excitement when I saw you had the Garibaldi Biscuits. Although, they weren't my favorite as a kid, I just can't get enough of them now. They're amazing! Thanks Ortons for being awesome! January 24, 2013
Very good Service/Quick Response and Resolution I ordered several products from the VCS, Garibaldi Biscuits, two different kinds of Stolens, A bottle of the Amber Maple Syrup, Coated Walnuts which came in a separate package. During sometime/someplace the shipping container while adequately packaged was still thrown around enough to break the top of the Maple Syrup bottle, break open the Stolen cartons, break the shipping container in three different places and still delivered to my doorstep in that condition. Informed VCS customer service who took it upon themselves to send a new shipment of items minus the Rum Stolen which they were out of, which was received in good shape. Credit also was given back about the Rum Stolen. Service could not have been better. Thanks January 23, 2013
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What Our Customers Are Saying about Our Garibaldi Biscuits (Set of 6 Pkgs.) …

"These raisin bars sure do bring back memories of growing up." - Sandra Jefferson, New Bern, NC

"Boy, I have missed these! They were mine and my sister's favorite cookie growing up! Thanks for finding them!!!" - Kelly, New Bern, NC

"I remember when I was younger that we always had these raisin biscuits in our home. When I left New York I couldn't find them anywhere. I'm so glad that you have them after all these years. You're bringing the childhood memories back. Thank you!!!" - rosary, lignum, VA

"Mom used to get these all the time when I was little. We loved them. This one says it has currants in the filling, but the ones we got were filled with raisins. Mom made something similiar to this but never wrote the recipe down." - Sue McEndree, Pinellas Park, FL

"For years I've been looking for the Garibaldi Biscuits in stores and thought they were gone forever, until I found them in your catalog. We have thoroughly enjoyed them. I feel like I'm in my grandmother's kitchen when I eat them. Thanks for the memories!" - Janet, New Brockton, AL

"They are not "sweet sweet" - just right." - LINDA JONES, frederick, MD

"These were my mother's favorite, making them mine. Have not seen them until your catalog. Excited to get my cookies!" - Jean Woytek, Denver, CO

"These biscuits are a memory of when I was young and my mother would buy them. It's true they haven't been in the market for several years now. I really enjoy these biscuits" - Leah Payne, Tulare, CA

"I remember coming home from school and having raisin biscuits and tea with my mother. Sweet memories! I'm happy to enjoy them again with my son." - Mary, Carmel, NY

"Mom used to get these as bona fide "treats." They were called Golden Fruit and all four of us kids loved them. They never lasted long in the house. I'm so happy that you're carrying them. I will be buying them for my brothers as a surprise." - Gail DAlesandro, Mundelein, IL

"My grandmother used to buy these as a treat for being good. I loved them and was so disappointed when I couldn't find them in the stores. Thank you for carrying them." - Sharon Penner, Bear, DE

"My mother bought these when I was a kid and we all loved them. I have been looking for these for years, because I bought them for my kids (41, 37, and 36) and they loved them, too. Now I want my grandchildren to realize the deliciousness of them -- and to have some for myself again, too!" - Sara Solano, Wilmington, DE

"My husband and I have always loved raisin biscuits, but could no longer find them in the supermarket. Then I was pleasantly surprised to see them in The Vermont Country Store catalog. I ordered them and I was pleasantly surprised once more -- they are so good!" - Ruth BERNARDO, Newton, NJ

"My British grandmother introduced us to, and fed us, these cookies you call "Garibaldi Biscuits" as "Squashed Fly Biscuits," a name I grew to love! I still love them -- the name and the biscuits -- and plan to purchase some from you as soon as I can afford to do so. (I'm sure you understand the dilemma of "living on social security" while having to pay a medical insurance premium which has more than doubled as of Jan. 2010!)" - Joan Ells, Brattleboro, VT

"My dad loved these. We called them "Cardboard Cookies." I think the ones Mom bought had a raisin filling. Glad to find these again." - Patty, Elkland, MO

"These cookies were special treats when we were growing up. Memories of love, warmth, and smiles on our faces. Mom is gone now, but precious memories live on in little treats like this." - Diane, Port St Lucie, FL

"Thank You, Thank You. I have been searching for these cookies for the past 2 years! Loved them as a kid and, as an adult, am so glad you have them. They hold a lot of wonderful memories." - Marge Barber, Blue Ridge, GA

"These cookies are a lot like the old Sunshine Raisin biscuits I remember as a child but not exactly alike. For one thing, currantS are not the same as raisins. They are smaller, tarter, and lower in calories (Yeah!). So these biscuits are relatively low calorie and the tartness is probably better suited to an adult's taste than a child's. I like them in the morning as an alternative to cereal or breakfast pastry. One sheet of cookies is under 150 calories, which is less than one cup of Raisin Bran without milk. They go great with a cup of coffee in the morning." - Roz Rogoff, San Ramon, CA

"It's got a light, not-too-sweet taste I enjoy and miss having around to nibble on." - Donna Kelly, Cowpens, SC

"What memories! When I was a kid, we used to buy Sunshine Raisin Bar Cookies. My Dad and I love them! My dad is dying now of multiple myeloma, a cancer of the blood. I want to bring back a part of that memory of sharing these raisin bars together. They are no longer sold here in the USA, so I was so glad I saw them on the Internet and where I could order them. Thank you. Lorie Hethorn" - Lorie Hethorn, Coeur d' Alene, ID

"These biscuits are a memory of when I was young and my mother would buy them. It's true they haven't been in the market for several years now. I really enjoy these biscuits" - Leah Payne, Tulare, CA

"Mom used to get these as bona fide "treats." They were called Golden Fruit and all four of us kids loved them. They never lasted long in the house. I'm so happy that you're carrying them. I will be buying them for my brothers as a surprise." - Gail DAlesandro, Mundelein, IL

"We buy a case of these every month. They are low in calories, sodium, and fat. So delicious."- Connie Hindmarsh, Norfolk, VA

"I have loved these cookies for forever! I used to buy 1 package on Friday night when I cashed my check. I was a teenager then. When I grew up I would buy 2 pkgs. a month when I went to the Commissary. Then they STOPPED carrying them, so I had to go to the Grocery Store and buy them. Then the Grocer stopped carrying them...I don't know why....They are popular!! When I discovered the Vermont Country Store and they were one of the Products I felt lik I hit the jackpot! My last Order was for 12 of them!! I am ordering more today.THANK YOU!!! PLEASE never stop offering them!"-Roberta Wilcox, Hubert, NC

"My Polish grandparents had favorites for their favorites. Mine were raisin biscuits. My grandparents made sure I had some. It's been countless years and my grandparents are gone now, and no raisin biscuits. Found them, thank God! And my husband Rand and I share. I suck on them, absorbing all the taste sensations. Thank you, Vermont Country Store, for having them available to me!!!!"-Toni Rapin, CENTERVILLE, OH

"I started loving these cookies over the years. They have the best taste of any store-bought cookies. I love the sweetness of the rasins; I used to eat boxes of rasins when I was little. Thank you for having this item available." - Lesli Eary, Cincinnati, OH

"These were always a favorite in our family....sometimes my mother would bribe us with them: ""Do what I ask and you get a raisin cookie."" Could not brothers and I considered this dessert, and sometimes with vanilla ice cream....MMMMM delicious!" - Maureen Weber, Interlaken, NJ

"I just loved them. I'm 50-something and the youngest of 10 children. Our mother would buy them for us. When I get them in the mail, I share them with my brothers and sisters who are in their mid 60s and 70s. When they saw them, they were so happy and said, "My goodness, where did you find them?" The Garibaldi Biscuits truly made them happy to see them and eat them again. I thank you for still having the Garibaldi Biscuits available for us to enjoy." - Donna Marruffo, Winchester, CA

“When looking at your catalog, I discovered your cookies, and they are so similar to ones my father always ate when I was a child. They were Sunshine Raisin Bar cookies. Dad loved these cookies, and he would sometimes spread butter on them. My sister and I liked eating them that way with him. My father is now 87 years old and was so glad when I found your cookie bars, not only does he love them, it brings back memories!! I will keep ordering them for him!! Thanks for having them!” - Denise Caribardi, Fredericksburg, VA

"The ultimate raisin cookie experience was to heat them in a microwave oven for, like, 12 seconds and WHAMMO! they came to LIFE!!!! Like a weird forerunner to the lesser Pop Tart. " - Smilin’ Bob, Bronx, NY

"I was excited to see you had these biscuits. My father was a diabetic (insulin) and would buy these for himself and all three of us kids as we grew up on these biscuits." - Judy, Redmond, WA

"We called these biscuits "squashed flies" as children! They are perfect to eat with a cup of tea. No guilt needed." - Susan Silvey, Lake Oswego, OR

"I, too, had searched the grocery shelves for these off and on for years, every time I would get an overwhelming taste for them. I called them "the perfect cookie" when they were made by Sunshine. I talked about my disappointing search at work, and then one day a co-worker pointed them out to me in the The Vermont Country Store catalog. "That's them," I shrieked! I was thrilled! Lots of childhood and early-adult memories attached to them which were happily renewed with my purchase. Amazing what an impression a cookie can make! " - Jean Berryman, Evanston, IL

"I was brought up in England - these were always at tea but we called them "Squashed Fly Biscuits" - perhaps not the most appealing name, but we begged for them every day we were at home from hateful boarding school! This takes me back 60 years! I must order some. Thank you for having them." - Meg de Give, Newburyport, MA

"I was describing these to a patient of mine and how I missed the plain, raisin filled yummy cookie that wasn't bathed in chocolate or greasy. She saw these while on the road, and was kind enough to not only remember, but to also bring me a package back. Thank you for acknowledging their timeless value and providing them for us online." - Audrey, Yorba Linda, CA

"Mom used to love these cookies as a kid. We spent a lot of time in Florida when I was a kid and we found them in the grocery store. We would buy boxes to bring home to Ohio, and eventually had our local store carried them, too. Then they disappeared. :( My last order was a surprise for my I need to sit and remember the fun times I had with Mom sipping tea and eating raisin cookies. I ordered 12 pkgs. Yum.....wish I could share them with Mom." - Amy, Sylvania, OH