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French Creams (14 oz. Box)

Exquisite French Creams—Made from an Old Family Recipe

French Creams (14 oz. Box)

Exquisite French Creams—Made from an Old Family Recipe

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At your request, we found a master candy maker who still makes these exquisite French creams following an exacting old family recipe. The outside is a crystallized coating while the inside is a delicate cream. French creams available in a mixed assortment with five flavors: lemon, spearmint, wintergreen, orange, and peppermint; also an all fruit-flavored assortment of lemon, lime, pineapple, orange, and raspberry. 14 oz. box contains about 54 pieces.

  • Mixed assortment of French creams includes lemon, spearmint, wintergreen, orange, peppermint
  • Fruit assortment includes lemon, lime, pineapple, orange, and raspberry

Rediscover now hard-to-find old-fashioned confections and candies, like French creams, at The Vermont Country Store. Thanks to many customer suggestions, we found French creams again.

French Creams (14 oz. Box)


This is not a Kosher food.
Sugar, Water, Kremine, Gelatin, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Artificial
Color(s) (may contain one or more of the following: Red #40,
Red #3, Yellow #6, Blue #2)


Shelf Life: 10 Months

Nutritional ItemQuantity% of Daily
FDA exempt.

Manufactured In: USA

Material - Country Of Origin: USA

French Creams (14 oz. Box) 4.8 5 45 45
French Creams-Yum....Just Yum As a child, we used to go to the Five & Dime in Marcellus, Michigan and squish our nose against the glass case that held the French Creams. When we were good, our mother would buy my sisters and I a few to share. Haven't had them in over 40 years. They were just as good as I remember. Cracking open the hard sugar shell to have the creams melt over my tongue....the orange are still my favorite. March 19, 2014
So Good! The candies were rich and creamy and so delicious. I bought them as a gift for myself and did not share. I had the assorted. I've purchased French Creams locally, but they didn't taste this good. March 5, 2014
Not the same! Yes, these were French Creams but not like the ones from when I was a kid. They were too strongly flavored and had some sort of an aftertaste. The sugar coating was crumbly and rough. I didn't really want my money back, I wanted the French Creams of my memory! Please fix them. I was so disappointed. I'll happily order them again if they are right. What I got looked nothing like the picture nor did they have a delicate taste like they should. January 17, 2014
I LOVE THEM Three words say it all - I LOVE THEM. I've reordered twice. 'Nuf said. lol January 13, 2014
Christmas isn't Christmas without French Creams. I grew uo in Puerto Rico with "Cremitas" (French Creams) as one of the seasonal candies. At some point the local candy manufacturers stopped making them, and it took away a big part of my Christmas. Once in a while, while living in NYC, I'd find a store that carried them, and the taste of Christmas would return to my life... until the store would close, or stop carrying them. NOW I can count on the Vermont Country Store to offer them every winter -- and the taste of Christmas is safe! (I also send a box to my sister every year, so she too can share the memories.) January 7, 2014
childhood memory found! I did not know what these candies were called I just remembered them from my grandmother's house. As a child she would have these pastel goodies almost every holiday. I have described them as best I could to many people who did not have a clue as to what they were. Then I ran across your website and began a live chat with your customer service and within 5 mins from my simple description she showed me a picture of what she thought they could be. I ordered and hoped they were the candy from my childhood and guess what SHE HIT THE NAIL RIGHT ON THE HEAD. I have tried to find these for 20 years and by just describing their color, taste and texture your customer service rep came right up with the French Creams. Thanks to her I am enjoying the taste and the memorie's and will be re-ordering soon. Thank you so much! January 1, 2014
Pecan Sticky buns to die for! Have tried the ones in the supermarket, but they always seem tough and nearly stale. Yours arrived in perfect condition and we savored them for three breakfasts. Will probably have to order again soon! December 21, 2013
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What Our Customers Are Saying about Our French Creams (14 oz. Box) …

"When I was growing, my grandmother always bought these at Christmastime when she visited, and they were a family favorite. Up 'til about 10 years ago, one of the major candy makers still produced these. After so long, I finally found them here, and was I glad! I get so tired of the same old candies every holiday, and this is a wonderful change. Crisp and crunchy on outside and creamy inside. Delicious!!!" - Teri, Lake Butler, FL

"Christmas time my father would buy these candies and us 11 children would help him wrap each one in a sort of tissue paper fancy cut square. Some were plain and some had fringes on them, etc. Then we would hang them on the Christmas tree." - Martha , Staten Island, NY

"These are just like I remember from when I was a kid. I surprised my wife in 2010 and she had a great smile on her face. I came back again in 2011 to get them again, and I hope to make this a Christmas tradition for years to come. You should get the catalog, it will take you down memory lane or help you to make new memories." - John Hoffman, Pittsburgh, PA

"I searched for these candies for years after department store candy counters disappeared. In candy-only colors with sparkling crystals outside and rich, creamy flavor inside: Yum! Thanks for finding them! " - Mel W, Cincinnati, OH