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Cream Filberts (1 lb. Bag)

The Crystallized Hazelnuts You Asked for: Are Back!

Cream Filberts (1 lb. Bag)

The Crystallized Hazelnuts You Asked for: Are Back!

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This product is currently not available.
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Favorite Childhood Candy These Cream Filberts have been my very favorite candy since I was a teenager and to find them in your catalog (and on sale, no less) was a treat. They arrived on time and I have sincerely enjoyed them and hate to share them. March 11, 2015
Wonderful, but addicting. Every year I order these from you because I cannot find them in Connecticut .When I was a teen, we bought them, and when I grew older I couldn't find them. I was delighted to find them in your catalog. They arrived in perfect condition and were as delicious as ever. Unfortunately I went through that pound in no time because they are addictive. I hope you will continue to sell them. March 10, 2015
A most unusual treat This product is definitely for the sweet-toothed person. The creamy coating blends nicely with the nut filling. One can either crunch down quickly (a no-no in my estimation; however, to each his own) or let the candy dissolve slowly, savoring each mouthful (my preferred method). Either way, a most satisfactory experience! March 3, 2015
Great hard-to-find item. I thought gone forever I remember these from 45-50 years ago, and thought they would never be available again until I saw them in your catalogue. Thank you for bringing back a memory! February 16, 2015
Old time candy My brother, who's 63, remembered liking Cream Filberts (Snowball candy) when he was a kid. He recently lost his wife to cancer & is going through a difficult time. When I found Vermont Country Store on the internet & saw that you sell this candy. I purchased it & had it sent to my brother as part of a birthday gift. He was totally surprised, & loved the candy. This made his day a special one! Thank you! February 13, 2015
MEMORIES FROM CANDY! There is no place I can get so many fun memories from by looking at your catalog, ordering and finally tasting candy from my past! February 9, 2015
Cream Filberts When I was in high school we would buy these cream filberts(moth balls) at May D & F in Denver, CO. Absolute our favorite. I have looked for these since 1963 any time I was in an old fashion candy store. They never knew what I was talking about. I just ordered three more bags. That makes six. I have never been able to get one bag over to my Mom. I have ate them all. Thank you for carrying them. February 6, 2015
My Aunt's Favorite I bought these and had them sent to my aunt. She says they were delicious and would buy them again. January 20, 2015
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What Our Customers Are Saying about Our Cream Filberts (1 lb. Bag) …

"I can't tell you how tickled I was to find a letter accompanying your catalog informing me you have the Cream Fiberts I've been waiting for. It's been years since they were discontinued and I'd all but given up hope when the good news arrived. You really do care about your customers' requests." - Sheila Tufte, Mesick, MI

"When I was a child many years ago this was the candy I always treasured. They were a little expensive so they were always a wonderful special treat and these taste exactly the same!!!" - Margo, Temperance,

"I have enjoyed Cream Filberts since my childhood over 60 years ago. I am so happy to find them again." - John, Oakland,

"I have looked for these candies for years. As a child I would go to a quaint little homemade candy shop with my mother and we would enjoy eating these delicious candies." - Lavon, College Corner, OH

"My Dad has such a sweet tooth as do all his four daughters, myself included. We always loved these growing up. When I discovered these again through The Vermont Country Store, I told all of my sisters and my Dad got some for his 80th birthday. What a treat for all of us." - Connie, Neoga, IL

"My grandfather loves these candies. We always made a special point to check for them whenever we were in a shop that sold old fashioned candy. I myself have been scouring the internet for years. I was even able to place a few orders online, only to be told, "Sorry, those are discontinued." I can't tell you how elated I am to have found these again." - Amy Jaronowski, Kent, OH

"When I was a little girl, Granma and Grandpa would take my sister and me downtown on the rapid, we would have lunch at Kresgies dime store, and every time we would get these. We called them the snowball candies - yum. I am so glad I found them again. Thank you." - annmarie crowley, cleveland, OK

"As a kid growing up in Cleveland, OH, my aunt and I would shop at a store called May Company, and right next door was this wonderful candy and nut store. Before boarding the bus, we always stopped in to purchase at least 1 pound of their cream filberts and savor them until we got downtown again. I look forward to my kids getting them for me at Christmas, and now I plan to supplement my supply myself, put them in the freezer and eat them 2 at a time until I run out. Thanks for keeping them on your shelves." - Beverlly Janelle, Claremontn, NH

"Years ago these candies were my favorite, then I couldn't find them anywhere. Everytime I was in an old fashioned type store I would look and they were not there. I was thrilled when I saw them in your catalog, and ordered them right away. They are still one of my favorites, and yours are just as good as ever. Thank you." - dee obrien, elizabethton, TN

"Oh, what joy when I spotted these confections in your catalog! I have been searching for this memory from my childhood for such a long time! Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, my Grandmother and her sisters, who always brought home the most delectible confections they could find, treated my sister and I to what we so lovingly called "mothballs"! This was a sweet we always looked forward to having at our house! Thank you, thank you for bringing this treat back and for helping us to relive such happy times!" - Donna Locastro, Valley Stream, NY

"As a child, our Aunt Peggy who lived in Manhattan brought these treats when she came to visit. To us, they were special, elegant and totally reminiscent of Christmas. We christened them "moth balls" and are delighted we were not alone!" - Kathy Lindgren, the hills, TX

"Over 45 years ago, when I was a young child, our baby sitter would give my two brothers and me one cream filbert each if we would go to bed on time. I loved them! About 12 years ago I found them sold in a candy store in Virginia Beach, only during the winter season. I bought them every chance I got. The store changed owners and no longer ordered in the cream filberts, known as snowballs. I did a search for them on the web and found that they were sold by Vermont Country Store. I have ordered them every now and then when I get feeling nostalgic. It is funny how the sense of taste can take you back in time! And these do taste the same as I remembered! Thanks a lot for carrying memories!" - LINDA DA SILVA, BUCKHANNON, WV

"When I was a kid, the "old man" in the neighborhood would sit on his front porch and watch all of the neighborhood children play. We'd beg him for a treat and he'd disappear into the house and reappear with a large metal-topped, clear glass cookie jar filled with these wonderful little treats (he called them mothballs). "Only one," he'd say, "we don't want to spoil your dinner." What a fabulous memory! We'd line up, single file, to get our mothball and laugh and cheer as we resumed our time of play. That was nearly 40 years ago, and I still love these little things. Thanks, Mr. Hacker, and thank you for the memories!" - Lori Cox, Broomfield, CO

"Thank you so much for carrying the old favorite Snowballs. I have remembered these since I was 7 years old but could never find them anywhere. My siblings hadn't a clue as to the type of candy I was talking about. Now I can purchase some for Christmas to remind them of the candy and the candy counter where we would get to shop once a week when we came into town from our farm. You have completed a wonderful memory for me. Thank you so much." - Peggy Ewing, Peoria Heights, IL

"My husband used to tell me about these delightful treats called 'mothballs' that he remembered from childhood. I looked for years and all I got were "Wish I could help you," or "I haven't heard of them in years.". Even the local confectioners said that if I could find a source they wanted to know, because they kept getting requests. Finally I found them here and promptly bought two bags. Then a few weeks later I had to do it again :-) Hubby can't stop raving about how they are just as he remembered. I admit I was skeptical.... until I tried my first....and second.... Fair warning - they should come with a warning sign: Caution - highly addictive :-)" - Sylvia, Shandaken, NY

"This candy was a special treat we received at Christmas when I was growing up. It was only available at one store and only during the Christmas shopping season. I bought some last year and when they arrived and I popped one into my mouth, the childhood Christmas memories came rushing back. It's hard to feel that kind of wonder when you've been around for more than 50 Christmas seasons!" - Tricia Cottrell, Council Bluffs, IA

"I have loved cream filberts since I was a child in the 1950s and '60s. I haven't been able to find them in stores until I saw them on your website. Which, by the way, was the only site that had them. My friends and I knew better than to eat a mothball, but that's what we called these. It was like breaking the rules to eat a cream filbert that looked like a mothball. We thought we were getting away with something really bad. Thanks for bringing them back." - Sharon, Fulton, MO

"Just like with other customers, this is a favored treat from my childhood. I am thrilled that The Vermont Country Store has brought them back!!" - Christine, McKinney, TX

"I love these and haven't had them for years. Thank you for bringing them back." - Joan Fornwalt, Prattville, AL

"Thank you so much for finding these wonderful and nostalgic candies. My family grew up with these. St. Nick always brought "mothballs" to us every year. When I bought them (the first time), I shared them with my sister, who was so surprised I had found them. She loves them as much as I do, but she is able to restrain herself and eat only one a day. I haven't mastered that yet! Thank you again!" - Sandy Enke, Maplewood, MN

"I just found your catalog in a bunch a friend was going to throw away, and lo and behold you have cream filberts!!! I thought I had been imagining that they ever existed. I had my last one when I was probably 18 and stumbled onto some at the KS State Fair. I haven't seen them anywhere since; it's been almost 40 years since I have had one. I can hardly wait to order them and get them on their way....Thank you for bringing back all the lovely memories associated with this treat from my childhood."-Malia Rich, Garden City, KS

"When I was a child growing up in California, these two wonderful people that i loved would take me to a nice department store and stop by the candy shop and would buy me these wonderful snowballs. I always remembered them but could never find them again. I'm so happy I found them. Now I can share them with my grown daughters." - Ann Lujan, Chicago, IL