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Clothes Moth Alarm

Like Moths to a Flame

Clothes Moth Alarm

Like Moths to a Flame

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Clothes Moth Alarm attracts moths the way Harleys or Porsches attract attention. From up to 10 feet away moths are enticed; they investigate, then are ensnared inside. This trap goes to the source, luring adult moths to prevent larvae, the culprits for eating holes in your clothes and rugs. Contains no odors or toxins, yet is highly effective-even museums rely on these to protect priceless antique linens. Use 1 or 2 traps for average size room; replace every 9 weeks, sooner if hot and dry.

  • Won't make your clothes smell bad like mothballs do
  • Attracts moths from up to 10 feet away
  • Works for up to 2 months
  • Use 1 or 2 in average room

Trap clothes moths before they attack your clothes.

Clothes Moth Alarm


Cardboard Box, Moth Lure

Sizing & Specifications

Assembly Required: N

Cord Polarized: N


Manufactured In: USA

Material - Country Of Origin: USA