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Cheerful Chimp Doll

Zippy the Chimp Look-Alike, As Cute and Cuddly as the Original

Cheerful Chimp Doll

Zippy the Chimp Look-Alike, As Cute and Cuddly as the Original

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A cute gift for chimp lovers I search every year for a chimp/monkey gift for my husband as a gag gift or stocking stuffer during the Christmas holiday, and when I found this chimp, I knew he would love it. Thanks for the successful Christmas gift hunt! January 12, 2014
great memories I bought this for my wife as a Christmas present. She had one as a little girl in the '50s and '60s and this brought back some wonderful memories for her. This is an awesome replica! January 10, 2014
Christmas Memories I couldn't believe The Vermont Country Store had this chimp. I have my mother's original chimp doll from the late 40's or early 50's. For years I have wanted to have it repaired so that I could return her favorite toy to her restored. Your store allowed me to give her a brand new chimp just like the original. She loves it. Several family members have commented on how much they enjoyed seeing this childhood favorite. January 4, 2014
Theresa's chimp When my Daughter Theresa was a yr. old her Granny Mae gave her a chimp doll. She kept it for yrs. & then a boyfriend decided it needed to be thrown away, so did so while she was at work. She had it for over 28yrs. She was heartbroken, so when i saw one in your catalog I had to get it for her. She was so happy that it brought tears to her eyes. Thanks so much for carrying some things that really stir the memories! January 1, 2014
I finally have a Zippy. My cousin had a Zippy monkey when we were growing up. I loved it and always wanted one. So after many years I saw your wonderful chimp and ordered it. My grandson and I both love it. Thank you for making a good product. December 29, 2013
Finally Zippy for Christmas In 1957 I wanted Zippy for Christmas sorely, but Santa brought me other wonderful gifts that year. But I always missed Zippy. Finally when I found that I could buy a new doll at the Vermont Country Store, I ordered it for Christmas, and wrapped and placed Zippy under the tree from Santa. Christmas morn arrived and my more than five decade wish came true. So grateful that I found him in Vermont. He is darling, soft, and well made much like the original. Even old wishes come true! December 27, 2013
This product has become a family tradition. Every Christmas my sister and I buy one of these adorable monkeys for one of our nephews. He is mentally challenged. The joy on his face when we hand him this monkey, is sheer joy! We buy one every year because it is LOVED to shreds! He has had one of these monkeys since he was a toddler and calls it "brother". December 7, 2013
Fond Memories My little brother and daughter had this monkey a very long time ago. When I found it in your catalog I bought 3 - one for each of them and a grandchild. The gift will be bring back many memories. November 27, 2013
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What Our Customers Are Saying about Our Cheerful Chimp Doll …

"Over 30 years ago we adopted our son from another state. He was barely 4 years old & his most cherished possession was his Cheerful Chimp. While in the airport awaiting our connecting flight his beloved toy was lost. I was never able to find another. Thank you for making it possible for this mom to at long last present him with another one." - Becky Showker, Staunton, VA

"I am so thrilled to find this friend once again. I am 48 years old and had this as a childhood memory. I can remember Mawmaw fixing "Cheetha's" hands, ears, sleeves numerous times. I played with this all the time, and she had to sew it for me when he was busting out at the seams. I absolutely loved it and am ordering one today for an old-fashioned Christmas with my brothers." - Cathy, Victoria, TX

"This chimp was my faithful companion as a young child. I carried him everywhere (he was named baby tipples). It is the single best memory of my early childhood and as we were poor he was the best toy I had." - Cody Knotts, Washington, PA

"I wanted you to know that the original name for him was Mr. Bim. My youngest son had Mr. Bim, the original, for years. Now he is a father of three and it brings back memories. Checking to see if one of my great-grandkids would like one." - Dorothy Willing, St. Charles, IL

"This little guy was my all-time favorite as a kid and my sister, too. Now she's getting a new one for Christmas at the tender age of 62. My granddaughters are getting one, too." - Kathy Dean, Whiting, NJ

"I bought this for my sister for Christmas because she had one as a little girl and has always missed it. She's 53 years old and will be so surprised to get it." - Laurie Rice, Valparaiso, IN

"My grandmother gave me one of these sometime in the late 60's when my family lived in Colorado. I hadn't thought of him in ages until I saw it in the catalog. I was between 3-5 yrs old. I remember I chewed the end of the banana off. Don't remember what happened to him." - Lisa, Fernley, NV

"My brother had one when he was growing up. He loved it so much. He is 44, and his got burned up in our house fire, and he has looked all these years for one like it." - Marilyn Wright, Valparaiso, IN

"I have been looking for this monkey for about 30 years. My husband had one and called him "Zeekie." I think he will love seeing this under the tree Christmas morning." - MARY, Nekoosa, WI

"My oldest son, Jon (now 35), absolutely adored this little monkey. My grandmother bought it for him when he was 2 years old. (She has now since passed on, God bless her dear sweet soul). He named it "Monk-Monk" and it went everywhere with him, until we retired it when Jon turned 5, and we put it away in a sealed plastic bag. Needless to say "monk-monk" was pretty ragged by then. Somehow that old ragged thing got lost after I gave it to Jon after he got married, then moved away. He went through a divorce, and let's just say, the rest is history. I am going to give this to him for his 35th birthday coming up. I know it will most certainly bring up lots of wonderful childhood memories for him. I can't wait for him to be reunited again with "Monk-Monk." I must also add that Jon has since remarried and has blessed me with two of the most adorable and loveable grandsons. Thanks for allowing me to share this truly heart-warming memory of mine. It surely brings back a few smiles. Thanks, Patti" - Patti, Alexandria, LA

"When my sister was a baby, she carried, or I should say, "dragged" this monkey around by its banana. It was her favorite toy. When Mom and Dad tried to replace it with a new one, she refused. She wanted her old one back and would not play with the new one. I really wanted to order it for her this year, as she is expecting her first grandchild this coming year and I thought it would be a great gift for her to share with her new grandbaby." - RHONDA LOGAN, MOREHEAD, KY

"My daughter who is 35 was given this monkey when she had her tonsils out at two. She named him Chi Chi. She loved this guy. Many, many years later I washed this guy and he fell apart. She never forgave me for washing him. She is expecting her first child (a son) in February. You can't imagine how happy I was to find Chi Chi in your little catalog. I was on the phone and ordered him right away. I can't wait to give him to her at her baby shower. Thank you, Thank you." - Rita Behring, Euless, TX

"My daughter, now 45 years old, had Zippy when she was 3 and loved him more than anything. She rode him on her bike, took him outside to play and took him everywhere she went. Then, one sad day, a friend's daughter (we're sure of this) snatched him away and denied it. She was so heartbroken. I finally found one that looks just like him and had to buy it for her." - Ruby E Cook, McDonough, GA

"My son received Zippy as a gift for his 3rd birthday. That was many years ago, as he just celebrated his 40th birthday. He is adopting a little boy who will be 2 yrs in April. So for Christmas this year I will be purchasing a new Zippy the Chimp to continue the tradition. I hope he'll be pleasantly surprised!" - Suzanne Lessard, Woonsocket, RI

"I had this monkey when I was a child. My mother said that I called it "Ippy." I was only about 2 years old. I carried this thing everywhere, until it finally wore out. My mom tried to replace it with a new one and I hated it. She said that I would slap it and grab my old dirty monkey and say, "This my Ippy." When I saw this it reminded me of when I was little. I will be purchasing this for my oldest daughter to give to my first grandchild someday." - Tammy Worden, Yerington, NV

"I married my husband Bobby in 1978 and we were together for 23 years before God called him home. When my husband was a little boy, he had a Zippy monkey that he could not do anything without. Everywhere Bobby went and everything he did, he had Zippy with him. When Bobby was about 8 or 9 years old, his mom took him on a trip to Florida and of course Zippy was there. After their trip ended, they left for home back to Tennessee, and Bobby forgot Zippy and was having a fit without it. Nothing his mom said or did helped; all he wanted was Zippy. They were too far down the road to go back for Bobby's Zippy monkey. So Bobby cried and cried and would not stop. His mom called her brother-in-law in Florida to find Zippy, and he did. They were going to mail it back to Bobby; however, that would take a week or so to get back to Tennessee. So instead of mail, Bobby's uncle would take a bus back to Tennessee the next day just to bring Zippy back home to Bobby. On the way, people on the bus laughed at this man carrying a monkey with no ear, hands eaten about half off, half of his banana gone, and shoes all messed up. So Bobby's uncle got mad and tossed Zippy out the bus window. When he got back to Tennessee, at the bus stop was Bobby waiting and looking for his monkey. And when it was not there, he had a crying fit right on the sidewalk. His mom gave him a good spanking for having a fit. When they got home, she tried to let Bobby know that she would buy him a new Zippy monkey, but no way was Bobby having that -- he wanted his old one. Nevertheless, it was long gone and would not be coming back. After a few months Bobby got over losing Zippy and did without it. When I lost my husband Bobby in 2001, I was lost -- I wanted him back and missed him so bad. And one day my children took me out to eat at Cracker Barrel, and I saw a Zippy monkey there and I wanted one to fill my longing for Bobby just because of his love for his Zippy. So I bought one and named him Pappy because that's what the grandchildren called my husband. My new monkey was my everywhere buddy. Just like Bobby's as a little boy. When my grandson found out the story behind the monkey, he wanted my monkey. Of course I gave it to him. (he was 4 years old at the time). And when my granddaughter was born 2 years later, we got her a Zippy monkey, too (now called Pappy monkey, to be there to watch over the grandchildren from heaven). Now, after 6 years, I have a new grandson 3 months old, and I have looked everywhere for one of these monkeys. I need 4 or 5 if I can get them, because if I have more grandchildren they all will need a Zippy/Pappy monkey. This little monkey means the world to my grandchildren because it takes care of them and helps them rest better at night and eases their fears. So to me and my family Zippy is the best monkey ever made. I need to get a few of them as soon as I can. I'm now by myself on fixed income and trying to make ends meet. Thank you, Sandra Davison" - Sandra Davidson, Cookeville, TN

"Zippy was my first toy and I got it from my granny. It meant the world to me. My son saw my Zippy this weekend and wanted to play with it. I can't chance something happening to it so I searched online to see if I could find him something similar or an antique Zippy. I was so thrilled to find Cheerful Chimp! I ordered it right away. Now he will have his own to love and cherish. Thanks for carrying these toys of the past that mean so much to all of us." - Jacalyn Dolani, Cumming, GA

"I'm buying this for my daughter who has a birthday coming up. I can't wait to see her face when she sees her favorite animal! I have a picture of her on her riding jumpy-horse, hanging onto this monkey. It's funny that I would run across this because she just asked me a few weeks ago whatever happened to her monkey and she still wishes she had him back! Thank you, you've made my day! And it's going to make her day, too!" - Bonita Milstead, South Charleston, WV

"My sister had a Zippy when she was little, and it was one of her favorites. Every time my other sister's boyfriend would come over, he told her he just saw Zippy running out the road and she would go check. I've been looking for one since her son was born 26 years ago, and could never find it. Recently he had his first son. Unfortunately, my sister was murdered less than a month later. I was so excited when I saw this in your catalog and am buying it for my great-nephew for Christmas so he has something else to help him know his nana a little better." - DEBBIE, POTTSVILLE, PA

"My son received his "Zip" when he was two-and-a-half for Christmas, and he became our entertainment when he got older (we used him like a puppet). He got worn out and was sewn back together many times, and when his sister had children, my son thought they would enjoy Zip, but unfortunately, he became "lost." I want to get it for him for Christmas, as I have heard him lament the fact that Zip is gone. We always laugh when we talk about playing with him." - Ruby Doty, Wickenburg, AZ

"Zippy was my first toy and I got it from my granny. It meant the world to me. My son saw my Zippy this weekend and wanted to play with it. I can't chance something happening to it so I searched online to see if I could find him something similar or an antique Zippy. I was so thrilled to find Cheerful Chimp! I ordered it right away. Now he will have his own to love and cherish. Thanks for carrying these toys of the past that mean so much to all of us." - Jacalyn Dolani, Cumming, GA

"I was so happy to find this monkey after looking everywhere for one just like the one my daughter had when she was three. She called him George. She has never forgiven me for getting rid of George when I thought she was through playing with him. She is now 54, and I will be giving it to her at Christmas, and I hope she will forgive me after all these years!" - Geri Koll, Grand Rapids, MI

"My grandma had this at her house and it was the only doll she had. My cousins and I would all want to be the mamma of this guy, AND I asked my mom if we could get a real chimp because I loved him soooo much. I am SO thankful you have one so I can get one for each of my grandchildren." - Rhonda, Juneau, AK

"Well, heard a lot of your stories and, yes, Zip is wonderful. I know it for a fact , because I was a trainer of Zip back in the late '60s into '70. It was a time that Mom, Carol, and Daddy Lee were doing a revival of Zip; I've got lots of stories to tell, and I have one of the original Zip dolls that they gave to me. Still miss you, Zip." - shari Krezanski, Rockland, ME