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Ben Hur Eau de Cologne

Ben Hur Cologne, Back at Your Request

Ben Hur Eau de Cologne

Ben Hur Cologne, Back at Your Request

WAS:  $50.00
NOW: $14.99
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This product is currently not available.

What Our Customers Are Saying about Our Ben Hur Eau de Cologne …

"The fragrance of Ben Hur takes me back to my childhood when my mother would take me to Woolworth's. I always asked her if she would buy me a bottle of Ben Hur perfume. There were always lots of the small bottles in a bin and they cost 10 cents. The little bottles were so pretty with red roses on them and the perfume was so sweet and lasted all day. I didn't think I would ever see this perfume again. Thank you so much for bringing it back!" - Lucille, Charlottesville, VA

"Earlier this summer, my mother and I were visiting and she mentioned the perfume that her mother (Grandma) used to wear -- Ben Hur. Mom said this was Grandma's only perfume that she ever wore. Mom has early childhood memories of the scent of this perfume. I never knew that Mom also liked Ben Hur and said this perfume is the only one that held the scent on her skin. Then she said she would really like to be able to get another bottle of it. Imagine my amazement when I received your catalog in the mail this Fall and there was the bottle -- exactly the bottle I remember seeing on my mother's dresser! Of course, I just have to purchase a bottle for Mom. She is going to be so surprised!" - Susan Villmow-Fox, Buffalo, SD

"I used to wear this when I was growing up in the Panama Canal Zone in the late '60s. It cost 39 cents a bottle then. I have been searching over the years and even contacted Jergens to get more. I was told that it was no longer available, and I had virtually given up. Every scent I have looked at or bought since has been an attempt to duplicate this one. I am so excited to find it here! It will be a Christmas present to myself! Of course, it is no longer 39 cents a bottle . . ." - Carrie, Dickson, TN

"Ben Hur was my favorite cologne -- many, many years ago. I'm so glad I now have a place to purchase one of my old-time favorites." - Mary Rabuck, Middletown, PA

"I just want to say thank you, thank you, and thank you for bringing Ben Hur back. What a delight to reminice." - IRIS PEOPLES, ST.LOUIS, MO

"Thank you for bringing this fragrance back. As a child growing up in Southern California I bought this perfume in the dime stores. I used it until I was around 25 and then could no longer find it. I called Jergens twice, begging them to start making it again, but had no luck. I still have a bottle from many years ago and use it only on very special occasions (surprisingly, it still smells great). My older sister surprised me a couple Christmases ago with a bottle. It was the best gift I could have gotten. I then ordered another bottle, a little shocked by the price but still worth it to me and my high school sweetheart husband." - Wendy Duncan, West Covina, CA

"Ben Hur was the only perfume I used the year of my first date: 1966. I found it at the local Ben Franklin store for around 50 cents. It was a little bottle, and I bought lots. I still remember that night, the great guy, and my hot pink dress with cream lace on the collar and the cuffs. Well, I still have the dress, a different great guy, and thanks to you, that wonderful perfume. Good memories die hard. :-)" - Diane, Humeston, IA

"When I was a small child in the 60s I remember my mother would buy the Ben Hur perfume from the Five and Dime store in town. It cost 49 cents then. I have looked for it since my mother passed away in 2004. So glad to find it and can't wait to receive it. It was her favorite perfume. I think of her often, and now this will bring back more wonderful memories of my sweet mom!" - Betty Whitlow, Edmonton, KY

"I use to wear Ben Hur back in the 70s; I was so excited to find that you have it. I wrote the Jurgens Co. and tried to get extra bottles, they said it was discontinued. I have always hoped it would come back! Thank you!! - Janet Brown, Lexington, NE