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All Natural Bon Ami (Set of 2 Canisters)

Original Bon Ami "Hasn't Scratched Yet!"

All Natural Bon Ami (Set of 2 Canisters)

Original Bon Ami "Hasn't Scratched Yet!"

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From dirty pots and pans to scuzzy tubs and showers to smudged windows, Bon Ami has been used to clean household messes since 1886. The gentle yet tough combination of feldspar and soap cuts through dried-on splatters, burned-on grease, and sticky residue. 12 oz. powder.

  • All-natural multipurpose cleaner
  • A powerful blend of feldspar and soap
  • Safe for use on painted surfaces, stainless steel, porcelain, chrome, nonstick surfaces, tile, or aluminum

Use the original Bon Ami on everything from dirty pots and pans to tubs and windows.

All Natural Bon Ami (Set of 2 Canisters)

Safety Warnings

Should not be used on Windshields.


soap and gentle feldspar
no chlorine, phosphorus, fragrances
biodegradable and non-polluting

Sizing & Specifications

Assembly Required: N

Cord Polarized: N


Manufactured In: USA

Material - Country Of Origin: USA

What Our Customers Are Saying about Our All Natural Bon Ami (Set of 2 Canisters) …

"Bon Ami was always my mother's favorite all purpose cleanser and after "rebelling" by trying (and being disappointed by) other brands it has become mine as well. It handles the usual sink, tub & tile that you would expect with ease but it is also the best for copper pots & pans, counter tops (I have Formica) and sticky stuff on your appliances. I have NEVER seen it scratch any surface I have tried it on and a very little bit goes a long way. It's a great product for the money." - Debi, Seattle,

"Until the last 15 years I used Bon Ami all the time. Then came a time when I couldn't find it in any of the stores in our area or outside our area; it just simply disappeared!!! I love the way it cleaned up some very nasty messes and even the grease on counters, stoves, refregerators, walls, etc. So glad that there is someplace where I can still get it!!!!" - Candace, Flushing, MI

"My mother and granny used Bon Ami to clean with, only it came in a bar shape. You rubbed a wet rag on the bar and it came off covered with Bon Ami, which was used to scrub everything , expecially the big aluminum pans used for washing and rinsing dishes. I have used the can type off and on for years...smooth, clean-scented and safe. I also like the little chick. :)" - Mary Blumreich, Waterford, MI

"This is the greatest product! It cleans silver, windows, sinks, glassware, etc. And never scratches or leaves a film an any item." - Carol, Playa Vista, CA

"I suffer from COPD, asthma, and chronic bronchitis. Bon Ami contains no chemicals that irritate my condition and does a great job cleaning the yucky things around the house." - Don Moore, Howey In The Hills, FL