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Weekly Specials

Customers of The Vermont Country Store always appreciate a good deal, and nowhere can they find a bargain like the ones offered through our weekly specials. Our weekly sales items range from our most popular blankets and garments to family-favorite food products and vintage kitchen accessories. With our expansive selection of hard-to-find practical products, you never know what’s going to be on sale the following week.

Weekly Sales – Take Advantage of Them While You Can!

When you check out our weekly sales and specials and you see a product you want that’s marked down significantly, all we can tell you is – buy it now! By week’s end, the special of the week will be marked back to its regular price. Now, please understand, these items are fully worth every penny of their regular price, which is why buying them when they’re part of our weekly specials is such a steal.

In these times, saving money where you can is of the utmost importance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still purchase the things that matter most to you. All you have to do is shop smarter, like buying your favorite items from The Vermont Country Store while they’re part of our weekly specials.

Shop The Vermont Country Store and save big with our weekly specials and sales items. Visit our special of the week regularly for unbelievable bargains.