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Vintage Dolls

A vintage doll is something special. It’s stood the test of time and it has been beloved by generations of girls. The Vermont Country Store understands the importance of preserving this special relationship, so we make it possible for you to still find many of the vintage dolls and classic plush animals you cherished over the years so you can introduce your own daughter or granddaughter to the doll you loved so much.

Collectible Dolls & Classic Plush

Whether you want to give a vintage doll as a gift to someone who collects collectible dolls or you want to give a young girl in your life that special gift she’ll cherish for years, The Vermont Country Store has many hard-to-find dolls for every occasion. We carry the memorable dolls and classic plush animals that have proven hard to find over the years.

Every girl needs a doll she can grow up with and confide in. The vintage dolls at The Vermont Country Store are some of the most beloved dolls in history. Shop today and give your daughter a true American classic.