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The Vermont Country Store Small-Batch Preserves

All-Natural Jams, Jellies, Relishes and More In 30+ Heritage Flavors

For wholesome, homemade taste, you've got to think small. Our preserves are made in small, kettle-stirred batches, using only the freshest natural ingredients. One taste, and you'll want to try them all!
Peachy Keen: The Sweet Essence Of Our Peach Jam
Years 1 thru 3, the tree does not bear fruit, but is focused on growing a good base for peach production years.
During years 4 thru 8, a peach tree reaches peak production and can bear up to 66 pounds of fruit each year.
Peach blossoms fill the air with soft floral notes balanced with fruity sweetness.
Fruit for our jam is harvested at its juicy, peak ripeness.
Unlike many fruit trees that produce for 40 years or more, peach trees produce for only about 12 years.