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Favorite Toys

The Vermont Country Store is one of the only places on earth where you can still find your favorite toys from generations past. We continue to make them available to our customers because we know the value of these popular old-fashioned board games, classic dolls, and other fun-tastic toys.

Old Fashioned Games - Board Games, Dolls, and More

Remember playing with Click Clacks as a child? How about Tinkertoys or Raggedy Ann and Andy? Or perhaps you were a fan of popular board games like Parcheesi or Monopoly? The Vermont Country Store has all of those classic, favorite toys and games and many more. Introduce your child, niece, nephew or grandchild to the wonders of these old fashioned games and toys and watch them put down their remotes and start using their imagination.

Shop for your favorite toys at The Vermont Country Store. Reacquaint yourself with these old-school toys or introduce them to a new generation of children.