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Collectible Figurines

Do you remember those collectible figurines by Barclay that used to grace your parents’ or your grandparents’ home around the holidays? Those small, meticulously crafted metal figurines were a classic staple every holiday season and thanks to The Vermont Country Store, you can get your very own set of Barclay vintage figurines for your own home.

Barclay Vintage Metal Figurines

Unlike the vintage figurines that highlighted the mantles and Christmas tree platforms of holidays past, these Barclay metal figurines are solid, not hollow, for greater durability and strength. Cast from reproductions of the original antique molds, these collectible figurines offer old-world charm to any household’s holiday decorations. From the classic horse-drawn sleigh and mirrored skater pond to the vintage snowman and Christmas tree delivery truck, vintage figurines like these from The Vermont Country Store will add a classic touch to your holidays.

Shop The Vermont Country Store’s Brands From the Past for old-world holiday decorations like Barclay collectible figurines. Order them today and have them shipped right to your door in time for the holidays.