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Small Kitchen Appliances

Sometimes it’s the smallest helpers that make the biggest difference in our everyday lives. The Vermont Country Store offers a selection of small appliances that you’ll find handy for lots of your daily cooking needs.

Small Kitchen Appliances You'll Reach for Again and Again

Once you add these countertop appliances to your appliance collection, you’ll wonder what you ever did without them. Barbeque inside with the indoor electric grill, make the perfect toast with the West Bend commercial electric toaster, or whip up a hearty breakfast of pancakes, bacon and eggs in a flash with our electric skillet. These easy-to-use small kitchen appliances fit conveniently on your countertop or in your cupboard and give you a helping hand for grilling, toasting, stewing, frying, deep frying and more.

Shop The Vermont Country Store today and outfit your kitchen with the small appliances you need to save time and cook more efficiently.