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Household Solutions

Keep your home neat, comfortable, and safe with our practical, time-tested household products. From cleaning supplies to pest solutions, our products offer lasting quality and outstanding performance.

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Household Products

Time-Tested Household Products That Still Work Great!

The Vermont Country Store is pleased to provide our customers with the practical and proven household products they need to keep their homes clean, neat, and safe. Our old-fashioned and effective household products and home cleaning products are made to last and nothing is a better example of that quality than our traditional steel canister vacuum. It might look like a vacuum from yesteryear, but this thing can suck up dirt like a vacuum from the future!

This kind of lasting quality and outstanding performance can be found in all of the household products we sell, from the most powerful electric broom on the market to our tripod clothes dryer and classic steam iron. We even have proven solutions for home pest control.

Shop The Vermont Country Store today and pick up the time-tested household products you need to make your home more comfortable. All of our products are fully guaranteed, so stock up on all of your favorites and start using home cleaning products that actually work.