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Bakeware and Cookware

Whether you are a cooking aficionado or a novice in the kitchen our quality bakeware and cookware makes cooking homemade meals and treats easier than ever.

Our bakeware and cookware offer solutions for baking, frying broiling, stewing, mixing, grilling, sautéing, microwaving and other cooking tasks. Equip your kitchen with our versatile selection of products such as Visions Versa cookware by Corning that goes straight from the freezer into the oven, microwave or stove top, single egg poacher, broiler pans and much more.

Cast Iron Cookware

Professional chefs know the benefits of cast iron cookware and how it is superb for cooking food evenly and consistently and how easy it is to clean. At The Vermont Country Store we have pre-seasoned cast iron skillets, deep-fry pans, kettle and saucepans that are ready to use. Discover these durable gems for yourself and see why cast iron cookware has been a favorite for centuries!

The Vermont Country Store is your best source for classic, high quality bakeware and cookware that has stood the test of time. Get cookin’ with our collection today!