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Products for the Home

At The Vermont Country Store, our line of products for the home offers our customers the absolute best in quality and performance. If it’s a complicated, new-fangled invention with more bells and whistles than common sense, you won’t find it here. We only sell products for the home that we believe in and for the most part, that means that these items have proven themselves to be quality merchandise time and again.

Household Products for Your Home and Garden

The Vermont Country Store has practical household products you need for every room in your house. If you need products for your home’s kitchen, we have them. If your bathroom needs new accessories, we carry them too. If your yard could use some classic lawn ornaments, you better believe you can find them here! Our country home store has all of the hard-to-find products for the home that you need for decorating and cleaning every part of your home, inside and out.

The Vermont Country Store has high quality household products that will make your life easier and give you pleasure. Shop now and find the products you need to perfect the look of your home.