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Diabetic-Friendly Products

Feel good inside and out with The Vermont Country Store's selection of diabetic-friendly products that can help you maintain your health and wellness.

Among our collection of diabetic products are podiatrist-recommended diabetic socks that have the features you need to truly protect your feet and legs. These seamless and stylish options look like regular socks but are nonbinding to promote circulation. To further protect your feet, we also carry nourishing diabetic foot care creams and an all-natural oil that provides relief from neuropathy.

Diabetic Foods, Snacks, and Sweets

If you are diabetic, or simply want to lower your sugar intake, you will love our delicious sugar-free snacks and candy. Stock your pantry with these diabetic-friendly foods and tasty treats that will fit into your diet.

With The Vermont Country Store it's easy to bring home a variety of diabetic-friendly products and foods. Shop today!