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Makeup Products Don’t you wish you could find all your favorite makeup products in one place? By shopping at The Vermont Country Store, you’ll certainly be able to find a large line of make-up products and cosmetics for women of all ages that, if they’re not already, will soon become your favorites. We have make-up products for everything you need to look your best, from plumping up your lips to adding volume to your eyelashes. Natural Makeup Many of the make-up products we sell are natural makeup products, like our Original Indian Earth Powder. This powder comes in its own earthenware pot and it’s still made the same way it was back in the ’60s, with only the finest natural minerals. And best of all, this single organic make-up product can replace nearly everything in your make-up drawer. The Vermont Country Store has all the classic make-up products you’ve been looking for, even favorite discontinued makeup products you couldn't find anywhere else. We have them right here because they’re practical, they work, and they make you look your best. Start shopping for your favorite make-up products today.