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Hair Removal Products

The Vermont Country Store is your source for old-fashioned and highly practical products that have stood the test of time, like our line of natural hair removal products. In this day and age when fancy gizmos and gadgets can be found for practically every grooming requirement, it’s nice to know you can still get the tried-and-true products you’ve come to depend on for body hair removal. Products like our cordless ear and nose hair trimmer and our classic Hair No More™ cream are customer favorites for a reason – because they effectively get rid of the hair you don’t want.

Natural Hair Removal Products

At The Vermont Country Store, we like to keep things as natural as possible, and that includes our hair removal products. Many of the products we offer for hair removal require no electricity and no dangerous chemicals. From our easy-to-use Cordless Electric Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer to our EpiSlim delicate hair remover, you can feel good knowing the products you’re using are functional, affordable and easy on your skin.

Shop The Vermont Country Store and find all the proven hair removal products you’ve come to love over the years. You can be sure that if it doesn’t remove hair safely and effectively, then it’s not being sold here.