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Mens Grooming Products

With the high quality, traditional mens grooming products available at The Vermont Country Store, looking, smelling, and feeling your best has never been easier. We have all the classic men’s grooming products you need to keep your appearance clean, well-groomed, and attractive.

Mens Shaving Products and More

At The Vermont Country Store, our male customers are no-nonsense, practical guys who appreciate simplicity and effectiveness. That’s why they appreciate our line of men's grooming products. From our authentic badger hair shaving brush to our classic safety razor, our men's shaving products can help you get the closest, smoothest shave possible. We also have the classic aftershave you’ve come to love over the years as well as great gift sets that take the guesswork out of gift-giving.

Shop The Vermont Country Store today and find all of the classic men’s grooming products you need for looking your best. We have quality grooming products for today’s practical man.