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Cotton Blankets

Up here in Vermont, winter comes on quick and there’s nothing better than cozying up under a wool, flannel or cotton blanket to see you through the chilly night. It’s this experience and understanding that enables us to choose the best quality blankets. After all, we don’t want to be cold so why should you?

Throw Blankets, Cotton Blankets, Flannel Blankets and More

We have scoured the world over for the finest blankets so we can make them available to our discerning customers. We have lots of exquisitely soft cotton blankets, top quality flannel blankets from Portugal, itch-free wool blankets from Australia and more. When you shop for blankets at The Vermont Country Store, you know you’re getting a quality-made blanket that’s designed to last multiple winters. We know, because we use them ourselves.

Shop The Vermont Country Store today and get your cozy wool, flannel or cotton blankets shipped directly to you. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and so are toasty warm legs and toes!