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Licorice & Mint

Licorice Candy

Perhaps more so than any other sweet, licorice candy holds a special place in the hearts of many. Simple, flavorful, and fun, red licorice and black licorice candy are icons of American candy, enjoyed by generations. We also offer the best of licorice from around the world.

At The Vermont Country Store, we carry a wide array of licorice candy to suit any tastebud, from chewy licorice laces to licorice creams to favorites from around the world traditionally made from the absolute best ingredients.

Authentic, Old World Black Licorice Candy

Our kookaburra licorice candy from Australia is made with real licorice extract, which gives our black licorice candy an authentic flavor unlike any other. In fact, many of our licorice candy comes straight from classic candy companies in Holland, Denmark, and England, where licorice is still being made using traditional methods and ingredients like real molasses and real licorice extract.

Licorice candy, especially black licorice, is an acquired taste and we’ll think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the difference in flavor you’ll experience when you try the authentic licorice candy from The Vermont Country Store.

Mint Candy

In addition to licorice, we also have your favorite mint candy. These hard-to-find treats are the same flavors you grew up with. Refresh your memory with each refreshing piece!

Shop now in our old-fashioned candy store and pick up some Old World mint and licorice candy. Take a stroll down memory lane and enjoy the characteristic flavor of our popular licorice candy.