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Sugar-Free Candy

If you’re a diabetic or someone who is trying to cut out sugar from your diet, you’re going to fall in love with the sugar free candy available from The Vermont Country Store. Our sugar free diabetic candies look and taste just like their sugary counterparts, whether it’s a creamy caramel or a handful of fruity jellybeans.

Sugar Free Candies

Unlike many stores, we don’t limit your selection of sugar-free candy to sugar-free hard candy. We carry sugar-free chocolate candy, fruit slices, licorice, and many more. Of course, we have the sugar-free hard candy you’ve come to love, too.

Don’t settle for lackluster flavor when you can enjoy sumptuous delights that taste just like the real thing. Shop The Vermont Country Store today and pick up all of your favorite sugar-free candy and enjoy your sweets without worry.