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Traditional Foods, Classic Candy and Hard-to-Find Food

Remember those traditional food recipes from yesteryear, where everything was made using the best ingredients and a touch of love? Well, The Vermont Country Store wants you to know that you can still get your favorite traditional foods, classic candy and other tasty treats and hard-to-find food shipped right to your door.

Traditional Food and Goodies

At The Vermont Country Store, our shelves are stocked with the best traditional foods, classic candy and classic Vermont maple products made the old-fashioned way. Browse our selection – you can almost taste the goodness. From our fresh baked goods and hearty soups to our delicious canned goods and specialty diet foods, you’ll find a basketful of all traditional foods and goodies perfect for satisfying every tastebud in your home.

A Classic Candy Store Online

When our customers are looking for something they love, they don’t want to hear "it’s not made any more," and we do our best to make sure that those words are never spoken. We carry jars and jars of the classic candy you’ve grown to love and cherish. Look through our store and rediscover classic candy treats you enjoyed so much as a child, including peppermint puffs, barley pops, salt water taffy, crystallized ginger, Walnettos, and so much more. If you’re overwhelmed by the selection, just pick Storekeeper’s Surprise and we’ll choose for you!

Take a trip back in time and get the traditional foods and classic candy you’ve grown to love. The Vermont Country Store is your trusted source for hard-to-find food and tasty treats of all kinds.