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Socks & Hosiery

Cotton Socks, Support Pantyhose and Womens Tights

Cotton socks, support pantyhose, tights, and other hosiery items need to be able to withstand the busy life of today's woman. But sadly, many stores these days offer lightweight pieces of hosiery that cost way too much and break down way too quickly. That's why The Vermont Country Store makes it a point to sell womens pantyhose, cotton socks, and related hosiery that not only look great, but can stand up to your on-the-go lifestyle. Our belief is simple: When you buy something from us, we want you to have it for a while.

Womens Cotton Socks, Diabetic Socks, and More

The Vermont Country Store has a wide selection of womens acrylic, nylon, wool, and cotton socks, including diabetic socks, seamless footsocks, knee-highs, nonelastic socks, diabetic circulatory socks, and toaster socks for beating back those chilly winter nights. We even carry support pantyhose, womens tights and leg warmers! Many of the womens cotton socks and hosiery items we sell are from the brands you trust most, like Buster Brown, Dr. Scholl's, Wigwam, and others and they're all found here at our reasonable prices.

Shop now for comfortable cotton socks, support pantyhose, soft womens tights, therapeutic diabetic socks and more. The Vermont Country Store has all the hosiery items your feet and legs need to stay warm, protected, and healthy.