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Nostalgic Treats

Nostalgic Candy

If you think that your favorite candy from yesteryear was discontinued, think again! Your retro candy just might be right here at The Vermont Country Store. We have a large selection of nostalgic candy that will take you on a sweet trip down memory lane. Shop our vintage candy store for the treats you, your parents, and even your grandparents loved – they are as fresh and delicious as you remember!

Vintage Candy from Your Favorite Old-Time Brands

We have Beemans, Clove, and BlackJack chewing gum, Walnettos, Sugar Daddy and Sugar Babies, Lifesavers, and so much more. From hard candy to chocolates, gum to gummies, our fun nostalgic candy will transport you back in time with unforgettable flavors. Enjoy our retro candy yourself, then send some to family and friends.

These vintage candies can be hard to find, so shop The Vermont Country Store and stock up now!