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Old-Fashioned Candy, and More

Serve up a treasure of treats with our old-fashioned candy and desserts . Indulge in your favorites from childhood or try some decadent delights from around the world - our candy and desserts are sure to please. Browse our selection and enjoy all the sweet surprises!

Hard-to-Find Nostalgic Sweets And Desserts

Hard-to-Find nostalgic sweets and desserts are always wonderful…but who has the time to bake? At The Vermont Country Store, we have incredible cakes, pastries, and cookies that are made using traditional recipes. They taste just like the nostalgic sweets you remember from years ago.

Keep a stock of our old-fashioned candy, desserts, and sweets in your pantry and you’ll be ready to entertain at a moment’s notice. They are also great for gift-giving!