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Vintage Fisher Price Toys

Vintage Fisher Price toys never go out of style and for many of us, they were one of our earliest forms of education and entertainment. The Vermont Country Store’s Brands From the Past section features a number of classic Fisher Price toys that have brought joy to many generations of children. These toys are durable, safe, and designed to keep your toddler or grandchild entertained for hours.

Classic Fisher Price Toys

The Vermont Country Store has old Fisher Price toys suitable for all youngsters, from tots to toddlers. We have the traditional Snoop ‘n Sniff, the Change-a-Tune Piano, the classic xylophone and many other vintage Fisher Price toys your child, niece, nephew or grandchild won’t be able to put down. And you’ll be ok with that because these toys have been proven safe for over 50 years.

Shop The Vermont Country Store and give the special child in your life the benefit of these vintage Fisher Price toys. There’s a reason why these old Fisher Price toys have been around for decades.