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Muumuus Combine Comfort and Style

While comfort is king at The Vermont Country Store, when it comes to apparel, style counts too. That's why our muumuu dresses combine superior comfort with quality fabrics and beautiful designs.

Muumuu dresses, also known as moomoos or mumus depending on whom you're talking to, are one-piece dresses that offer absolute comfort. Unhampered by tight waistlines or belts, muumuus hang loose, allowing you to move freely and completely unrestricted.

At The Vermont Country Store, we have vintage-styled muumuu dresses of all types. Our muumuus feature the classic styles along with bold color combinations and more elaborate designs. We've found that women of all ages just can't get enough of them.

Slip into something a lot more comfortable – one of our muumuu dresses! Shop now for the best selection.