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Vermont Restaurants


Vermonters take access to excellent food and beverages seriously. With its numerous small-scale family farms and year-round community farmer’s markets providing fresh, all-natural vegetables, meats, and cheeses, plus the growing number of micro-breweries, Vermont has a most vibrant food scene.

Bryant House

Vermont embraced the farm-to-table concept many years ago.
We recognized how the availability of quality food encourages a strong and deep connection between the land and community. Local food is an integral part of Vermont culture and cuisine, and we can't imagine it any other way.

Present Some foods are iconic to Vermont cuisine, and you'll discover them woven into dishes in unique and interesting ways. For instance, our pure maple syrup – simply the best in the world – does so much more than drown a plate of pancakes. In the hands of our passionate experts, it also lends subtle sweetness to salad dressings and makes a mighty tasty shrimp and meat marinade. Don't let me start talking about our world-famous Vermont cheddar cheeses…

When dining out in Vermont, your options include some of the best traditional restaurants in the nation. You can also enjoy exceptionally healthy and delicious meals at small diners, roadside eateries, taverns and pubs, farmers markets, and dairy bars. There are endless ways to enjoy Vermont foods close to their source.
bryant house restaurant weston Vermont has always been one step ahead of the world when it comes to practicality and innovation, and our culinary ideas follow suit. We were one of the first states to embrace the farm-to-table philosophy, and we are now also a leader in the farm-to-mouth movement: You can enjoy on-farm pig roasts, white-tablecloth meals under the farmer's apple trees, and vineyard wine tastings.


Cabot's Top Places To Eat In Vermont

bryant house restaurant weston

1. The Bryant House Restaurant, Weston

Our family restaurant sits next to our Weston store and serves a wide variety of homemade, hearty dishes—many of which use our Grandma Mildred's original recipes and feature locally sourced ingredients like grass-fed beef, farm-fresh eggs, milk, and butter; and, of course, maple syrup and cheddar cheese.

My favorite spot is our antique barroom, where I like to settle in a cozy corner to enjoy our famous chicken pot pie. No one goes away hungry after eating at The Bryant House!

barrows house inn and restaurant dorset

2. Barrows House Inn & Restaurant, Dorset
A modern twist on a traditional New England tavern, Barrows House never disappoints. Newly renovated inside, an inviting contrast of old and new provides the perfect backdrop to the chef-driven menu inspired by the seasonal tastes of Vermont.

My favorite dishes include: clam chowder, beet tartar, steak frites, and truffle popcorn. Of course, everything tastes even better on the patio with a signature cocktail or local brew!

roots restaurant rutland

3. Roots, Rutland
Just steps away from the Paramount theater, this chef-owned, downtown eatery serves interesting, delicious, and affordable meals from Vermont's agricultural bounty, including locally grown vegetables and humanely raised beef and pork. The hip, art-filled space mirrors the beauty presented on the plates.

A few of my favorites: grilled maple shrimp, Yoder Farms bean soup, and the pork schnitzel with house-made sauerkraut and a smoky pork demi glace.

michaels on the hill waterbury

4. Michaels On The Hill, Waterbury
Switzerland meets Vermont, with uniquely delicious results!

You'll enjoy a farm-to-table feast in a circa 1820 farmhouse, surrounded by acres of rolling lawns, forest and perennial gardens, with spectacular views of the Green Mountains and sunsets. I am always surprised and delighted.