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Enjoy Vermont


Our family settled in Vermont in 1760. As eighth- and ninth-generation Vermonters, we take tremendous pride in the character, independence, and unique history of the Green Mountain State. We cherish its beauty -- from quaint villages and small family-owned farms, to awe-inspiring mountain vistas. Join us for a brief tour of some of our favorite Vermont places, plus some fun and interesting facts that convey why Vermont is as much a state of mind as it is a destination.

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Eliot's Favorite Towns
When traveling in Vermont, we love to see villages and small towns, where the streets are lined with locally-owned shops...more >

Our History

Cabot's Favorite
Places To Eat

Vermont is home to an abundance of places offering the finest, freshest natural foods and beverages... more >


Lyman's Outdoors
Whether you're looking for an easy, family-friendly hike or outstanding summit views... more >


Gardner's Favorite VT Facts
We Vermonters know, but do you? To get you up to speed, I've compiled some fun and interesting information about Vermont... more >


The Story Of The Vermont Country Store


By Vrest Orton - Forward

The world is full of unhappy and harassed souls who wake up

Visit Our Vermont in the morning with a mixture of fear and regret that they are obliged to spend the coming day doing something they don't want to do and find no satisfaction in doing. My life has been just the opposite and from the time years back, when my wife and I restored the family country store and began building it up, never a day came that we did not welcome the opportunity to continue the work that gave us so much pleasure.
But just enjoying the pleasure of doing something is not enough. There is something more. Visit Our Vermont The second important element is doing the job where you want to have your life. After sampling several other kinds of existence in the United States and abroad I chose to return to my native Vermont. The satisfaction in this move was not entirely due to the fact that my family settled in Vermont in 1760. A great deal of my pleasure derived from the fact that like other Vermonters, I took pride in the character, independence and unique history of the Green Mountain State. We were never a colony of Great Britain, or one of the original 13 states, but were, proud to say, a separate independent soverign republic lasting from 1777 to 1791 when we entered the Union as the 14th state. A background like this cannot fail to engender pride and gratification.
Visit Our Vermont Therefore this book must needs be a personal narrative. I cannot possibly separate my life from this enjoyable and creative business.
Years ago I wrote a short brochure on the history of The Vermont Country Store but it was too early. I did not have then as I have now, the many other years to make the story significant and perhaps unique.
If we can convey in this book some of these satisfactions, then that is not a task but a delight.
The Story Of The Vermont Country Store was published in1983, by Academy Books, Rutland, Vermont.

A Meeting Place in
our small towns


Our Classic Potbelly Stove:An Old-Fashioned Source Of Friendship

Walk into our store in Weston, Vermont and the sight of customers marveling at the old-fashioned potbelly stove in all its former glory is enough to warm your heart. This stalwart from yesteryear with its aged exterior and old-fashioned girth is much more than just a relic from the past as people still gravitate towards it even though it hasn't given off a single degree of heat in years.
For it was never the lure of a crackling fire that made it a focal point for so many (though on cold mornings some may argue otherwise), but the love of good conversation and a chance to spend time with neighbors. People throughout the area would stop in under the guise of needing supplies, only to wile away hours playing checkers and catching up on the latest gossip as they huddled about the stove.
Today that shared sense of community and a chance at a game of checkers continues to draw people to this beacon from the past. And though no longer heated with logs, the stove emanates an unmistakable warmth that's ignited by the joy of making a newfound friend. So stop on by, check out the stove, and start a conversation of a lifetime.