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Customer Conversations

cabot, eliot and gardner orton


Dear Customers,

Over the years, we have received mountains of mail from customers. And we want you to know that we read every single one of them!

Some folks comment on how our products have helped free up time in their busy lives. Others share how a particular item reminds them of times gone by - the texture of the sheets and bedspread at Grandma's house, the wonderful aroma of Mom's cookies baking in the kitchen, and so many other loving memories. Your heartwarming stories inspire us every day; they fuel our hard work to bring back long-lost goods, because they are still useful and wanted today.

Here are some of our favorite letters. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we do. And please, keep your letters and comments coming!


The Orton Family


eisenhower letter

Historic American

June 29, 1955
A Letter from President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Dear Mr. Orton:

Thank you very much for sending Mrs. Eisenhower and me your current catalogue. It intrigues me greatly.

Needless to say, we would be delighted to have a small box of your special New England foods. How-ever, I suggest that you send them not to Gettysburg, but to me at the White House, marked for the atten-tion of my secretary, Mrs. Ann Whitman. She will see that they reach us quickly.

It was a great pleasure to meet you and Mrs. Orton.

Dwight D. Eisenhower


becker letter

A Letter from Les, Joan and Scott Becker

Dear Mr. Orton:

In 1954 While on a vacation trip to Vermont, my wife, son and I drove over a mountain from Manchester to Weston on an unpaved narrow road on which we thought we'd get stuck. We took this road to see a ghost town called Kelly Stand where Daniel Webster reportedly spoke to a crowd of several thousand. There was no sign of a town along the road. When we arrived in Weston we stopped at the Country Store where we were greeted by the owner, Vrest Orton. We told him of our trip over the mountain which we took because we had read about the ghost town in a magazine article written by Bernard DeVoto. Mr. Orton said he owed me an apology because DeVoto wrote in the article that the trip was recommended by a "learned Vermonter"and he was the "learned Vermonter" but he had never taken that trip on that road. He said he was sorry to have caused me the inconvenience. I understand that there has been a paved road on that route for a number of years.

Whenever we receive your catalogue we think back to that trip over the mountain. We made many more trips to Vermont until we ran out of new roads to travel but we have never forgotten meeting that "learned Vermonter," and what a memorable conversation we had. My wife and I were 28 at the time and we are now 88 and our son is 65. Best wishes to you and all the Ortons.

Les, Joan and Scott Becker


tyson letter

From Mrs. Harry Marvin Tyson


Please tell the Ortons that I am thrilled and proud to do business with a firm like theirs, which has been in business since 1946. That is creditable, to be sure, and I wish for them continued success --and keep those Ortons coming.

Mrs. Del Tyson


darlene pope letter

May 28, 2011
A Letter from Darlene Pope

Mr. Cabot Orton
The Vermont Store
PO Box6998
Rutland, VT 05702-6998

About five years ago I received your brochure and right away I noticed the picture of four little boys in their bathing suits under the sprinkler. I belong to the Williamsville Art Society (a suburb outside of Buffalo) and I knew I had to paint it. Actually its quite large and is done in pastel. I have the picture hanging in my house. Enclosed please find a copy. The other day I was at a friend's house and she had the latest copy of your brochure. I noticed the 4 owners of the store. Could there be any connection between my painting and the picture.

I don't write many letters but I find this fascinating. If you could send me a letter or e-mail I would really appreciate it.
By the way, my husband just put an order in to your store.

Yours truly,
Darleen Pope


bing crosby letter Historic American

September 7, 1955
A Letter from Bing Crosby

Dear Mr. Orton:

Quite a bit of time has passed since I received your letter of July 28, and I have no legitimate excuse to rely upon to explain the delay, other than that it's summer and I have been up at Hayden Lake, Idaho, just taking it easy, golfing and fishing and laying around, and in that kind of an environment, a fellow's correspondence just falls apart.

I am tremendously pleased that the spot we did on the radio about you and your store up there proved to be of some benefit, and I am serious when I say that I hope someday to come by there and see you. Not this year I don't suppose, because winter will be setting in back there before long, and I've got some work to do too back in Hollywood. That's the trouble with these long vacations -the work piles up. And I've got to get down there and get to knockin' on it and see if I can get some of it out of the way.

It would be nice to go there as your guest and to meet your friends and see the store, and I am making a mental reservation to check with you about it next year.
Certainly there is no necessity for you to send me any of the foods from your Vermont Country Store, but even though it's not necessary, it woul.d be much appreciated. Just send them to me at Elko, Nevada. I am going on down there next week, and the climate there is just about the same as yours I imagine, and when the snow flies I will imagine I am in Vermont eating Vermont products.
All best personal good wishes to you and your family. As ever -Your friend,

Bing Crosby

my first lipstick.
"The year was 1957 and I was a budding teenager, dancing to the tunes of the new 'Rock and Roll' music sung by the controversial hip-swinging Elvis Presley, wearing crinolyn-filled skirts, bobby socks, and a ponytail. It was also the time of my first lipstick, Tangee. My older sister and I would ride the bus to downton Birmingham, AL and spend most of our day at the huge Wooworth's store. That was where we found all our necessities like Tangee lipstick. It was probably the most popular lipstick of the younger crowd. When I saw Tangee in your catalogue I mentioned to my husband that it was my first lipstick. Since we grew up one block apart he must have remembered it too, becuase he ordered me a tube for Christmas. When I put the lipstick on Christmas morning the unique scent and smoothness brought back a flood of memories of places and times when life was more simple than that of a 14 year old girl today. But I was able to show the lipstick to my granddaughter and tell her the story. Thanks for the memories, Vermont Country Store. These old products are not only useful but provide a wealth of story-telling and information to our younger generations." -P.M. from SC

Vermont is the best for most everything
"Why would anyone use anything but maple syrup for any recipe that requests syrup? It is the real thing--not made by man. It comes from real trees in Vermont, and other lesser known regions like NY State & Canada, too. Vermont is the best for most everything."- C.A. from CO

Reminds me of my childhood - Pine Bros. Throat Drops
"I wrote to you several years ago inquiring as to whether or not they still existed; sadly, I was told no. Imagine my surprise when I received my latest catalogue and found them again. Thank you for bringing this cherished product back to the market. Reminds me of my childhood. Thank you again!"- L.B. from NY